we un-bored the red aisle

Chuck Studios created a digital first campaign for Heinz Tomato Frito

The ‘red aisle’ in the supermarket is not the most compelling one. Many tomato products feel similar. KraftHeinz asked us to highlight their hidden gem: Heinz Tomato Frito. It’s a much tastier variant of classic tomato sauce, with the help of garlic and onion flavours. We created and shot a campaign that shows where flavour comes from: ingredients. In film, we show beautiful ‘favourites’ like lasagna and burritos and whizz back in time. And the key ingredient is….Heinz Tomato Frito. The Netherlands turned red during the campaign, as Heinz Tomato Frito was visible on every screen and street corner. And take it from us – it does taste as delicious as it looks.

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