we support the Dutch Food Banks

COVID-19 hits the world where it hurts. Everyone is coping with shutdowns, lockdowns and regulations.

One of the organizations that have been struck the hardest in the Netherlands is the Voedselbank (Dutch Food Banks). Normally they provide food assistance to those in need, but because of the virus, they can’t function like they normally do. Partners and ambassadors of the Voedselbank joined forces and voiced a social media campaign with the tagline: “Geef geld aan de Voedselbank (give money to the Dutch Food Bank)”. People are asked to donate money to the food banks, so they can keep up their good work.

The energy we usually spend on food campaigns has been put into this fundraising campaign for the Dutch Food Banks. They’re currently unable to do their job and our client Heinz, longtime partner of the Dutch Food Banks, approached us for help. We selflessly jumped into action and created and produced a campaign within 48 hours. Through TV and radio ads, influencers and 5000 posters they tried to bring the message to the people. Massive response has blown up the website of the Dutch Food Banks a few times.

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