top 6 of fine dining pick-ups in amsterdam

Normally these establishments would be bustling with the laughter of people and the clangs of cutlery.

The partial shutdown forced them to resort to other means of getting their delicious meals to their guests. It resulted in fine dining pick-up and delivery. Chuck Studios Amsterdam made a top six of their favorite restaurants, who now turned into pick-up experiences.

  • Choux
    This trendy restaurant works with surprising ingredients, creative preparations and intense flavours. They take you on a wonderful voyage of discovery in tasting. During corona time they provide pick-ups of their weekly menu. Now you will become the chef, guided by an inspiring instruction video by head chef Merijn van Berlo. Order here

  • Scheepskameel
    This young restaurant opened its doors on 2016 on a former naval site. In their European kitchen they force the main ingredients to take center stage. Raw fish, barbecued veggies, artisanal cheeses. All fresh and well known flavours, paired with an array of Germanic wines, are delivered to your doorstep. Order here

  • Caffé Toscanini
    The best Italian in Town. Freshly made pastas, tasty organic pork dishes and full bodied wines. Usually it’s a cozy place to dine with friends and family or have drinks with colleagues. Nowadays you can choose your multiple course dinner for every day pick-up. Antipasti, aperitivi and fromaggi galore to take home. Order here

  • NENI
    Their open kitchen seating area normally gives a perfect view of the charcoal fired grill or the domed ovens. The epicenter where they bring the Arabian flavours to life. Now they guide the taste of the East Mediterranean to your living room. Signature Balagan boxes, filled with mezze, main plates and the best cheesecake in town, or self-compiled plates paired with local beer and wine. Order here

  • Café Rijsel
    A creation sprung out of passion for the French cuisine with a pinch of the Belgian region of Flanders. In the decor of classical versus the sixties guests are served a no-nonsense style of dining similar to restaurants in Lille. Through UberEats you can get their famous fish soup, a juicy côte de boeuf, a selection of cheeses or a bottle of French wine delivered to you. Order here


    In the Philips wing of the famous Rijksmuseum RIJKS lets the Dutch kitchen flourish. What used to be pretty basic meat, vegetables and mash with a side of gravy, is now elevated to what the chefs call “low food”. A style of cooking filled with international flavours which became of great importance to the Dutch taste through the centuries. Now they serve a weekly four course meal under the name of: #rijksathome.  Order here

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