Tony’s Chocolonely – crazy about chocolate, serious about people

What’s not to love about chocolate? A good sentence with a bitter aftertaste. Tony’s Chocolonely, a fighter in the forefront of the battle against inequality within the chocolate industry, proudly promote their stance with their manifesto film. A flashy, poppy and dynamic video narrated by none other than actor Idris Elba, to confront the youth with the message: what’s fair and unfair? Forcing them to make conscious decisions in their everyday life.

It’s a new and in your face way to call you to action and urge you to sign a petition for new EU legislation. It’s no longer just a chocolate bar, it’s the start of a revolution. We love how HERC the Agency created this future classic, that’s paving a path for agencies and brands on how to move forward. We are proud of the part we played in creating the first few delicious chocolate shots.

And of course, you should all sign the petition!

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