the course of culinary couples

Photographers and food stylists together under one roof

With larger scale productions on hold, creative people and production teams are constantly looking for ways to keep busy and help brands connect with their consumers. At Chuck Studios we have adopted new controlled ways of shooting safely in a studio environment, but some of our friends in the UK have even taken this a step further and are shooting remotely from the comfort of their own homes.

Photographer and food stylist duos living under the same roof are continuing to work without having to leave their front doors. Some are taking advantage of existing studio spaces, whilst others are converting living areas to create home studios making the most of their time together in lockdown. These are the “culinary couples”

Malou Burger and Kostas Stavrinos

Malou and food stylist husband Kostas are one such couple who are working this way. They’ve already completed several small shoots with clients tuning in via skype and commenting as they go.

Malou says – “We’re finding the process to be working really well but it’s not quite the same as having personal interaction on set with your client”.

Technology has of course made all this possible and it’s nothing new but having the essential and trusted talent already in house is what makes the difference at this moment. The current restrictions do allow for travel, but some client and agencies have policies that don’t, which is what makes these shoots doable in these circumstances.

Fergal Connolly and Nicki Dowey

Food stylist Fergal and wife Nicki are another couple who have combined their efforts to produce work from home. Both are vastly experienced and have existing clients with deadlines to meet which made this an obvious solution for them.

Nick and Alison Carman

Nick Carman regularly shoots at his home studio and so it’s just another day at the office for him. “There are still difficulties with clients working from home and the occasional product delivery going astray but aside from that it works fine” commented Nick. “I do miss having my assistant on hand, but all the props houses are still open for business and we have a good supply of items here to use so that helps” he added. Nick is also lucky enough to have his wife Alison, (a food stylist) on standby too and as part of his arsenal.


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