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“This is my moment, so Hands Off My Chocolate”, that’s what every independent woman needs to say. According to the brand Hands Off My Chocolate they wanted to make a chocolate bar which is so tasty, you didn’t want to share it. For a sweet peek into the brand, we chatted with Kitty Smeeten, True chocolate lover and owner of Hands Off. An honest and innovative brand born in 2013.

What is your brand and what is its origin?

Our chocolate is about the empowerment of women. A woman needs and wants to make her own choices. She doen’t want to share her chocolaty moment. To bolden this idea, we marked every piece of our chocolate with “mine” and one with a crossed out “yours”.

Before I started Hands Off I interviewed a lot of chocolate lovers. That’s how I found out what’s important to them, how they eat chocolate, where they keep it and what they find annoying. It appeared a round shape was tastier than a square piece and that’s why we invented and introduced the worlds first round bar. The circles fit perfectly in your mouth and the bar breaks easily into pieces. In my research for the best bar, I’ve searched and combined the best chocolates. I used natural ingredients and only support local and honest farms in Africa

What learning have you taken from your former job and is applicable to your current position?

Before I worked as a marketeer and innovation strategic at large companies like Pepsico, Nestle, Sara Lee and Honig. I’ve learned a lot what and I still use it. Because of this I know the importance of flavour. Our bars need to score higher than best comparable products within the market. Only then we introduce our new products. Furthermore I know a lot of people need to give their opinion about a new concept or product within large companies. Which results in compromises, which lack the power of the original idea. It also wastes a lot of time. I want to avoid that within our company. Take our brand name “Hands Off” for example, it would never be approved within a large multinational. This makes our brand unique and powerfull.

Can you describe your typical customer?

Our chocolate lover loves real chocolate and knows what’s tasty. They try something new and think it’s important to take care of themselves and the world around them. Once a fan of Hands Off, she stays loyal and likes to try as many flavours as possible.

What are your key goals for the brand, and are you looking to reposition the brand’s messaging?

We want to be the most loved adversary by consumers and to inspire retailers with honest, innovative products, which are nice to share. We want to help women in Africa and the rest of the world to provide strength to choose for themselves.

Have you refocused efforts as a result of COVID-19 and what has your response been?

We were in shock halfway in march: What’s going to happen, which measures are we going to have to take? Mainly our export halted. Luckily everything runs smoothly and we’re still expanding. We’re working on new plans and products, so keep an eye out for us.

What is your favorite way to use your brand?

Our brand breathes Woman Power. Just say: Hands Off; It’s my turn, I choose me.

Anything to add?

Haven’t tried our bar? Go to the supermarket and try it. We like to know what you think of it.

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