New McDonald’s campaign for McDelivery – Skip the dishes

Another nice concept from the industry leader.

From agencies all over the world McDonald’s has impressed us by creating visually simple, but clever ads that often have a humorous undertone. For example, the TBWA Belgium  campaign ‘McMystakes’ recruiting students, shows how a clever idea can be conveyed in a simple image. Whereas, the Valentine’s Day campaign ‘I’m lovin’ it’ by TBWA from Thailand is an example of how a clever photography illusion can deliver a simple message. And the  ‘Late Opening’ by TBWA Paris uses a visually striking campaign with light bulbs to portray the message that Mcdonald’s is open till late.

However, the latest campaign ‘Skip the dishes’ by DDB Prague is by far one of our favourites.

dirty cutleries and bowls stacked in a composition that remember the french fries

The art direction is incredibly well-made, the choice of the right props makes the magic happen and the photographic execution is great.
What else do you need in a still image to send your message?

When we saw it we immediately thought: so ”obvious”, so ”easy’’,  why on earth didn’t we come up with that?
The simplicity, of course, makes you think it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, but let’s face it, it’s not!

a dirty squeezer in a glass filled with paper napkins in a composition that remember the mcsundae


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