by founder & global creative director Olaf van Gerwen

kill all ‘junk food’ ads before 9pm

Since Boris Johnson came down with COVID, he suddenly realised being overweight is a bad thing - and not just for himself. Brits happen to be the most obese people in Europe. Johnson's fix: kill 'junk food' advertising before 9PM. Even though he dislikes a 'nanny state' with a strict government, he's certainly happy to make an exception here.

Being overweight definitely complicates a COVID infection. It complicates many other things too. Nobody opposes a plan to fight obesity, but Johnson mostly shows his failure in fighting COVID by addressing a peripheral problem. Our clients, brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and Subway are directly impacted by an advertising ban, but TV commercials are only a fraction of what they do. And where do we draw the line? Biscuits, desserts, and fizzy drinks? Bacon, eggs, and sausages for breakfast? A centuries old food culture is not something you change with an advertising ban. Consumption-classes in school would help to foster knowledge. And should BoJo still crave ‘nanny’-ism, then governments always have a neat trick up their sleeves: taxation.

This article was published on august 3rd in Dutch newspaper NRC

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