Which photograph looks the best? Left or right?

how to let your food brand stick around in someones brain? join our free webinar

Making food look delicious is what we do. And we know what we’re on about. At least, that’s what we think. But what if…we got it wrong? What if science disagrees? Can you measure taste appeal?

To find in-dept answers to our questions we reached out to Neurensics, industry leaders in marketing neuroscience. They use cutting edge technology to advise decision makers in brand and marketing policies. Mapping brain activity brings better understanding of the consumers often unconscious processes, motifs and preferences.

Together with Bond van Adverteerders (BvA) we developed a webinar to share our findings. In this webinar Olaf van Gerwen and Gert Jan Timmer of Chuck Studios and Martin de Munnik of Neurensics will share insights and practical tools for effective visualisation.

This free webinar is designed for brand- and marketing managers of food brands, but also for everyone who is interested in scientific research on how our brain responds to images.

The webinar takes place on November 10th at 15:30 – 17:00 and will be in dutch.

To sign up for the webinar send an e-mail to:

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