fruttis: fruit to a catchy tune

Three hectic shooting days in Moscow resulted in one of the freakiest productions ever for Russian brand Fruttis

FrieslandCampina’s brand Fruttis is a classic Russian brand that makes tasty and colourful yogurt products. It’s not about health. Or energy. Or anything other than fun. Marvelous Agency created an outlandish campaign to re-introduce the Fruttis brand to the Russian market.

They had a snappy song made, which instantly plants itself in your brain. They conceptualized images that are just plain weird. That combination turns the film into a unique piece in its category. Russian talent Leo Gorenshtein directed the live-action shot of the film that takes place in trams, libraries and on set. Our Amsterdam director Kristy Snell was sent to Moscow to make sure the food looked great and one of a kind. She designed unique shots to explain the explosive taste of the product. Our favourites are delicious strawberries that land in the yogurt – on a parachute.

Huge, colorful sets were built in Moscow. To make the flavor explode onto the screen, our SFX specialist Willem and his Russian colleague Max savagely launched bananas, mangos, apples and coconuts towards the lens. We’re happy to say nobody was hurt by a fruit torpedo.. The end result is a colourful and memorable commercial full of fruitiness. And for the rest of the day, you’ll have that catchy tune stuck in your head.

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