food specialists chuck studios joins forces with hunkydory films to launch uk office

Chuck Studios, the first global food-specialist creative production company, today announced the opening of their London office – the third expansion in 12 months time after opening up in Moscow and Los Angeles in 2019.

The London office will be headed by executive producer Pete Ryan, formerly Park Village, who has worked in the U.K. food sector for over 13 years. Chuck Studios was founded in 2011 by Ellen Gaedtgens and Olaf van Gerwen and specializes in developing culinary identities for food brands globally.

Chuck Studios co-founder Ellen Gaedtgens commented: “The quality of the work coming out of the UK is unparalleled and some of the best talent globally sits in London. For an ambitious company like ours it makes a lot of sense to enter the UK, even despite current political developments. There’s an appetite in this market for highly creative, unique and mouth watering campaigns – and that’s the kind of work we want to do.”

HunkyDory’s managing director John Doris said: “I’m so excited about teaming up with Chuck Studios. When we cross fertilize our HunkyDory directors with Chuck Studios expertise the sum will be greater than the parts. Pete is the perfect guy for the job. His extensive experience with clients like Tesco, Sharwood’s and McDonald’s positions him perfectly to lead this new operation and we’re lucky to have him.”

“Chuck Studios is building something special”, Pete Ryan was quoted saying. “They’re opening the windows in an industry dominated by folks tinkering with the technology in dark studios. Combine that with scale and ambition and you have all the ingredients to shake up a legacy market.”

Chuck Studios describes itself as a new breed of food and tabletop company: not male- and technology dominated like many of its peers, but diverse and as obsessed by the communications challenge as by the taste appeal. By fleshing out food brands culinary identity and determining how food products move, behave or look it helps some of the biggest brands globally stand out in crowded markets.

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