the oscar for best food goes to…

Some of the most memorable moments in cinematic history revolve around food. The Godfather’s tomato sauce recipe, Pulp Fiction’s Big Kahuna burger with Sprite or The spaghetti date in Lady and the Tramp.

This year Chuck Studios hands out the Academy Award for Best Food Scene 2020. Last week we put our five nominees forward and one of them walked away with the golden statue. After a vote during lunch from the highly professional jury the big winner is;

Parasite – Fighting noodle soup dinner | directed by Bong Joon Ho

(watch out spoilers ahead)

The tension of a fight combined with the absurdity of cooking a meal, makes this the perfect clash of what we want to see in a food scene. The making of noodle soup is peaceful practice while the world of the family tumbles out of control. This contrast is a right fit for our winner.

other nominees were;

Boozy watermelon – The Irishman | directed by Martin Scorseses

Jimmy Hoffa (portrayed by Al Pacino) is a famously non-alcoholic person, but also the head of the American Labour Union. During a meeting between Hoffa, Joey Glimco and Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) it isn’t allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages. Luckily Glimco devises a plan to drink vodka, while pretending to eat watermelon. During the meating he’s happily stuffing his face full of watermelon. No way Hoffa finds out, ’cause he hates the fruit.

1917 – A bucket of milk | directed by Sam Mendes

After a journey behind enemy lines soldiers Blake and Schofield reach a small French farm. Schofield immediately drinks the fresh milk to clench his thirst. This shows how the soldiers were starving during the war. Something as common as milk becomes a delicacy.

joker – Step into my fridge | directed by Todd Philips

Athur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a curious man, who struggles with plenty of difficulties in his life. After his father rejects him, he’s so frustrated he empties his fridge and steps in. The lack of food and starvation of himself is a big theme within Joker. Stepping into an empty fridge is pure symbolism and in a sense the ultimate anti-food scene.


Once upon a time in Hollywood – Wolfs tooth dog food bowl | directed by Quintin Tarantino

Stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) isn’t a rich man. Even though he’s the stunt double for the famous movie star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), he gets into trouble easily and it’s hard for him to keep his jobs. His only and true love is his dog, and he gets him the best he can afford: Plenty of Wolfs’ Tooth dog food. A jello-y substance of a variety of meats. Honourable mention to the sound design for the dull “BLOBB” at the dog food’s landing.

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