chuck studios amsterdam continues to grow

Chuck Studios, specialist in creating campaigns and images for food and beverage brands, expands again by adding 5 new employees.

“Due to the constant production requests, this expansion became a necessary step. Clients expect service and flexibility. With our new team members we can move faster and continue to work as a well-oiled machine” says Ellen Gaedtgens, owner of Chuck Studios. 

Karim van de Zande has worked as an editor, 1st AD and producer for TV and commercials for Boomerang Agency and MediaMonks, among others. As a senior producer he will strengthen the production power and lead daily management together with Ellen Gaedtgens. Karim: “I look forward to applying my expertise to Chuck Studios and streamlining the work processes with Ellen. With my Brabant-Antillean roots I will bring more warmth and coziness to the Chuck family”.

Floss Human was born and raised in the South of France and has completed the Fashion & Design academy in Toulouse. After working as a freelance art director in the Netherlands for 7 years, it is time to be part of a team. She will deal with set design, styling and food styling. 

Laura Vulkers started as a junior production manager and supports the production team. Whilst completing her Masters in Persuasive Communication at the UvA, she gained experience in communication and PR. Her hands- on mentality is a welcome addition to our team. 

Rick Westenenks’ job as studio manager is to bring order and structure to, among other things, the busy studio schedule. Thanks to his extensive experience in the hospitality industry, he can work fast and maintain an overview like no other. He is also a regular assistant to the special effects supervisor. 

Calvin Ng, from RIDE, came on board as an image editor, colorist and designer. He brings a broad experience in the field of social content.

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