Russian brand Agrocomplex rebrands with a new campaign

Agrocomplex, named after N.I. Tkachev, changes its name and updates its communication strategy.

The new strategy entails increasing growth rates, strengthening leadership in the home region, as well as developing business in general. This required a new level of branding and communication solutions developed by BBDO Branding and Instinct

BBDO Branding worked on updating the brand platform, studying the company and its activities, communicating directly with employees throughout the year. Analysis of consumer trends determined that the most important advantage to Agrocomplex is their local origin. The new brand identity was born: Grace of the South in every home.

To emphasize local origin, the brand name was reinforced with a toponym: Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky. The new brand slogan “Grown for Health” highlights the quality in produce and adapts the business model “from field to counter”. With the updated brand platform, Instinct creative agency created a new campaign with the main message: Pride of the South.

The commercial was shot in the homeland of Agrocomplex. The video tells the story of diligent people who work on the generous lands of the Krasnodar Territory. These farmers aren’t looking for a better place for themselves. They are looking to further their community, and their country.

The original article (in Russian) is published here


Katerina Pokrovskaya – Project Director
Olga Kuzmenok – Strategy Director
Mila Melkina – Head of the Strategic Group

Instinct (creative)

Daniil Ostrovsky – creative director
Tatyana Bazhan – senior copywriter
Sergei Belozerov – copywriter
Margarita Zagoskina – senior art director
Yulia Grezina – art director
Andrei Morozov – strategic planning director
Sofia Kalnitskaya – strategic planning manager

Chuck Studios Moscow (production)

Director – Philip Yuryev
Director of Photography – Vitaly Zaitsev
Producer – Yana Fedyushina, Daria Galaeva
Artist – Lyuba Ivanova
Editing – Anton Mironenkov
Color correction – Artem Leonov
Director – Sofya Belkova, Denis Usenko
Post production Producer – Evgenia Fadeeva
Compositor – Ivan Maslov

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